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AbouT Colleen

I am a graphic designer with a degree from The Ohio State University Department of Design. I have experience working with small and large brands alike. I have worked on a wide variety of projects from photographing cold-pressed juice, to designing retail display for a line of home generators; from generating social media engagement for triathlons, to branding a philanthropy event. (Bonus points if you can follow these clues to my work above!) One of my favorite parts of the design process is the mix of excitement and nerves when getting ready to show work to the client. I find myself sneaking peeks to make sure everything is in order but also just to soak in the moment that another idea has come alive!

I love staying active, and keep this a priority for my mental and physical well-being. My family lovingly refers to my habits as crazy: CrossFit and marathon running. A day doesn’t go by without me eating avocado on something. I love taking my creative mind into the kitchen to create interesting flavor combinations. The designer in me comes out as I strive for aesthetically pleasing platings so I can catch the light just right as I photograph my creations. (Bonus points if you find these in my instagram feed below!) I am a middle child of five and love my crazy family dearly.  We have semi-annual-lip-synch-battles, complete with costumes and sick dance moves. I am the reigning champion (but please don’t fact check that).

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