Hylant Insurance

Branding, Website, Full Brand Rollout

A brand refresh for Hylant insurance in an effort to separate themselves from the herd mentality and project an image that reflects their individuality. So, through robust analysis of the insurance industry today, researching their competitors, and talking to their clients and employees, we uncovered a way to position their brand that is unique and authentic to who they are. 

This is what drives our creative direction, connecting the Hylant brand with the target audience through thoughts, feelings and the words of Hylant clients and employees themselves. By using real testimonials, we demonstrate how Hylant takes the fear out of insurance by building personal relationships and being industry experts. This personalized approach is also reflected visually throughout the creative, from its sophisticated use of color and photography to its artistic sensibilities. 

We’ve utilized a circle to represent the individuality of our clients and our approach to their business. If each of us were to draw a circle, no two would be alike. No two clients are alike, either. That’s why every application is unique and slightly varied as a metaphor for Hylant’s individualized approach.


-Work done as part of the team at Hart- 

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